"You weren't put on this earth to diet and hate yourself!"

I believe in HEALTH AT EVERY SIZE. My mission is to help women STOP DIETING and change the way they view themselves. Stop them from thinking they need to SHRINK themselves in order to be loved, enough, respected etc. My company focuses on getting your body and mind to place where it is physically strong and healthy, so you can start living your life without having to think about food and/or your weight all the time.

"Imagine how much more productive you could be when you free up the space you once used fixating on your body and food?"

I want to help you end the mental and emotional suffering that comes with having a “diet mindset.” This isn't just for your benefit, it's for your daughters, nieces, sisters, and cousins benefit also. I don't want them growing up thinking they aren't enough the way they are. A good majority of my clients feel  the way they feel about themselves because of a behaviour they learned from their mother. The change starts with you ladies!

With the help of my Stronger HER Program you will be able to forever feel happy, confident, energized and strong. You can finally enjoy all aspects of life because you are able to accept and love yourself unconditionally!

Watch these Strong Girl Crew testimonials

  • Sarah - "A place where it was cool to be vulnerable while learning how to get strong."

    Here we go!

    When I decided to start my journey into fitness, I was really concerned about looking clueless at the gym. I had no idea where to even begin. I realized I needed a mentor like I would with any other skill. When I found Laurine’s StrongGirlco message online I knew this was exactly what I had been looking for. A place where it was cool to be vulnerable while learning how to get strong. Bingo!
    When I started Laurine’s program I did not necessarily believe I reflected a lot of diet culture’s stereotypical thought patterns towards myself. I thought that I just lacked motivation when really I was putting myself down for needing help. Laurine kept me accountable when I needed it and her Facebook group educated me on the side! Within a few weeks I realized that I had start to let go of the harsh mindset that was bringing my confidence down and preventing me from maintaining these new healthy habits I’ve built!
    I recommend Laurine’s training because not only does she know her stuff but she makes an accessible and safe space wherever she goes. Her classes are equally fun and demanding. After only a few months it feels as though I’ve moved mountains, quite literally!
    Sarah S
  • Moira - "When I found out about Laurine’s group I honestly thought it was too good to be true!"

    I chose to join the body positive squad because I wanted to change my workout routine but had so many questions about how I should do it. I wanted to be stronger, increase my mobility, and generally just feel better.

    I used to be an athlete, but after trading in my swim goggles for chef whites I put on a lot of weight. Even though I had a good base knowledge for working out-it did not include a lot of weight training, and more importantly how to work out in my new body. I have lacked the confidence to safely try new workouts, or incorporate weight training into my routine. I was also struggling to hold myself accountable.

    When I found out about Laurine’s group I honestly thought it was too good to be true. Its focus was on body positivity and weight training. It gave me the confidence I could do any of the workouts she was planning. She had modifications for every exercise so if something was too hard/painful, you could still focus on working the same muscle with less strain or impact.

    I have never felt self-conscious with Laurine or the other group members, which is something I typically struggle with at the gym-especially when I am trying something new. I have accountability from a bad ass trainer/coach-and a group of women who all have similar goals.

    I would recommend other women to join because I think not matter what your fitness level is, accountability is something hard to come by when trying to incorporate exercise into your life. This group offers that and so much more!

  • Meara - "Every class feels like an achievable accomplishment, and you will love your own body all the more!"

    I chose to join because I was looking for a fitness routine with some accountability, someone I would have to text if I didn’t feel like going, because I could talk myself out of exercise when I was only accountable to myself. This program spoke to me because of the title: Body Positive Group. POSITIVE. I noticed that my self talk was so negative, and I just wanted to love the cool things my body could do – so I thought this group would be a great start!

    The biggest problem is my own voice in my head, and getting to a place where no matter my size or shape, I’m proud to be me everyday. Also, I am hoping to run my second marathon in October, and the program is great cross training, and ultimately helping me get the muscles I will need for that in shape! It has been giving me the confidence to keep pursuing my goals.

    If my experience isn’t ALREADY enough of a motivator for you to join, I will say that the class times are flexible, the program allows you to put into what you can, and always get something out of it. Every class feels like an achievable accomplishment, and you will love your own body all the more!

Late last year I started to notice that my strength was beginning to weaken, my knees hurt, aches and pains seemed to come out of nowhere and I got really disconcerted about it. During the summer I went out to BC and found myself not being able to engage in things like hiking because I would get too physically exerted. It's worth it to mention that I am 43 so to be feeling the way I was, became a real lifestyle hindrance. A family member mentioned to me that I may benefit from strength training so without much more information than that I started to research PT's in my area, that's when I came across Laurine and Strong Girl Co.

I'll be straight up about it, I HATE diet culture, it's parasitic and is totally constructed to make people feel bad about themselves so that companies can sell more snake oil. It's also an industry that passively fosters unhealthy eating habits that can have tragic outcomes. That said, Laurine's approach is the antithesis of traditional diet culture and opens space for everyone in a healthy and inclusive way through a goal-oriented program that facilitates long term sustainable healthy lifestyle changes.

The rewards of Laurine's program come pretty quick. The first major changes I noticed was probably only 2 weeks in,  I could feel a notable decrease in my anxiety and HUGE increase in energy levels. Now, almost 2.5 months in, I can note many physical changes, most apparent is my physical strength and in particular my core. I have better balance and reflexes, hands down.

I highly recommend Laurine if you're seeking to achieve fitness and well-being goals without the necessary pressures and assumptions of mainstream diet culture. She really is a super person and can most definitely help you get to where you want to go!


I feel extremely lucky to have found The Body Positive Squad. I recently moved to Toronto and I felt that I hadn't found my groove in terms of fitness. There are so many niche or boutique classes around town that have an emphasis on a certain type of look or person to join.

Having struggled with aspects of body positivity my whole life, I don't believe that a workout class should be about punishing yourself for the muffin you ate earlier, or being the solution to food freedom, which I find a lot of classes focus on. Laurine's classes are about being fit, no matter what you look like or ate that day, which is incredible. The women are all very supportive and there for their own personal reasons. For me, I've always been intimidated by lifting weights or workout equipment I don't understand, assuming that it's just not for me. But Laurine helped me realize anyone can be doing these moves and how strong I really am!

I would recommend this Squad to anyone who is interested in finding some food and fitness freedom while working on strong and positive goals to achieving a fit and active lifestyle. And if you are looking for a good group of friends :).


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