The Stronger HER  Program is a fully customized strength and nutrition program designed to help women free themselves from dieting, build strength, increase their energy, and feel comfortable in their own skin.

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The women who seek my help are those who have been going on and off diets for years and have yet to see any good result come from it. This is because most nutrition and fitness programs out there keep women hostage, stuck in the yo-yo dieting/body hating cycle, making them feel like shit about themselves every time they inevitably "fall off the wagon."

Does this sound familiar?... You join a 28 day or 12-week program. Then, you get a heavily restricted meal plan to follow that you can barely keep up with for more than a week. And lastly, you are told to exercise in a way that doesn't fit your lifestyle and/or current fitness level. Fast forward a week, two weeks or month later and BAM you are no longer able to keep it up and you quit. You ask yourself "what is wrong with me?" "Why can't I seem to be able to follow anything for longer than (insert time here)?" "Am I doomed to be stuck in this body forever?"


Diet culture has made you feel like you are the one to blame for not having enough, "willpower." They say things like, "If you wanted it bad enough, you'd be able to restrict yourself for as long as it takes!" Well the truth is that, you do want it, you did try hard and you’ve been trying hard for years. The reality is that, the majority of people can't /shouldn't live on chicken and broccoli. They don't have time/there is no need to exercise for 3 hours a day. Counting calories and/or tracking your food in an app to make sure you're hitting macro targets is no way to live. And there is NOTHING WRONG with wanting to eat pizza, cookies and/or pasta when you feel like it sometimes!

My Stronger HER program isn't like any other program out there because it's not a restrictive diet and it's not an exercise program that forces you to exercise in a way that doesn't suit your lifestyle. You won't "fall off the wagon" because there is no wagon to fall off of. In my program you are in full control of the speed of your journey. Everyone’s journey looks different, because everyone has different struggles they need to tackle in order to reach their goals. I'm here to push, motivate and educate you, but my number one goal is to make sure you’re actually learning how to eat, exercise and live in a way that’s healthy for you, so you're able find food freedom and become the badass, strong woman you've always wanted to be.

Please note that the focus of this program is not weight loss. Many of my clients do lose weight as a side effect of this program, but it's not what we focus on. The focus is to help you get to a point where;

  1. You STOP counting calories ,binging, eating your emotions etc. and are able to enjoy all foods without feeling the slightest bit of guilt.
  2. You learn how to FIT exercise into your busy life and STOP using exercise as punishment.

My Stronger HER program was built because there are so many women out there who need it. I know how it feels to be in your shoes (read my story here). Every woman deserves to be able to wake up in the morning and feel like they are enough. My program helps women feel fit, strong, healthy and comfortable in their skin, so they can finally live a long, happy, healthy life.

If you’re looking to let go of dieting, stop binge and/or emotional eating and build strength so you can feel comfortable in your own skin/feel energetic and alive – this program is for you.

If you’re looking for another quick weight loss fix this program isn’t for you.


The program is set up in a way that I train you to be able to eventually do everything on your own. So, in a year from now you’ve achieved exactly what you’ve told me you wanted to and you have the tools, the skills, the knowledge that I use and that I feel everyone needs to have for long term success.

The program is boiled down to 3 key pillars.

PILLAR #1 - COMMUNITY! We’ll getting you to stay consistent and holding you accountable for the full duration of your program. You’ll do this by pre-booking and coming to all the required sessions and staying active in the private Facebook group. In the group we will set weekly goals that together we will work on achieving. We will also have weekly discussions on things everyone is struggling with to make sure you’re being supported and feeling heard throughout your entire journey.

PILLAR #2 -  EDUCATION! You will be learning how to exercise all areas of your body using different pieces of equipment, so you can get strong, leave energized and feel amazing in your skin. Every client gets the one on one attention they need to make sure they are doing everything safely and are going to get the best results possible.

PILLAR #4 - NUTRITION! I specialise in getting women to stop dieting. Too many women waste so much of their lives on diets when they don’t need to. Also, too many women are afraid of certain food groups like carbs when they don’t have to be. Using my strong girl nutrition guide, you will learn how to eat in a way that is going to help you reach your goals, but also teach you how to eat in a way that is healthy, free from diets and that allows you to not care about calories, macros or weighing your food because you know you’re giving your body exactly what it needs to get strong, feel energized and amazing in your skin!

*To suit your individual needs my program can be done in 3 ways.

  1. One on One Personal Training (At my studio located in the Junction area of Toronto ON. OR In your condo or home gym. You must live within 5km of The Junction are of Toronto ON)
  2. Online Coaching (For those who live outside my service area)
  3. Small Group Coaching (2-3 people) (For those who want to do the program with their friends and/or family members)
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  1. How long are the personal training sessions or coaching calls? Each session will be 1 hour in length.
  2. Do I have to come to the same days and times each week? No. If you're schedule requires me to be flexible then that's what we work with. On the other hand if standing appointments work better for your schedule then we will do that instead.
  3. Is the meal plan going to consist of boring chicken and broccoli every day? No. I don’t encourage people to follow traditional diets. You will receive guidelines on how to build healthy, balanced, nutritious meals that will give your body energy and help you reach your goals. You are in full control of what goes on your plate. I provide you with the education needed to be able to portion out your meals and learn what your body needs/when it needs it to be able to reach your goals.
  4. I don’t want to bulk up from weight training. Will this happen to me during the program? No. I get asked this question daily from females in particular, and the answer is - no you will not bulk up. If you are looking for strong/fit body, weight training is exactly what you need!
  5. I have never bought protein powder before. How do I know which one to buy? For your convenience specific supplement brands and stores will be recommended.
  6. I have never participated in anything like this before, what can I expect? No problem! I am here for you every step of the way! It can be scary starting something new, but I have helped hundreds of women transform their lives and I am looking forward to the opportunity to help you too!
  7. I have food allergies, I am a vegan and/or I am a vegetarian. Can you develop a meal plan for me? Of course! I understand that many people have different food sensitivities and/or beliefs. Please just let me know during your assessment and I will provide you with the best alternative choices.
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