Why You Keep Falling "Off The Wagon!"

Let me start off by saying that this imaginary "wagon" needs to be burned, buried and never seen again!

Restrictive diets create wagons!

I hear this phrase all the time. I also used to say this phrase myself back in my diet days. Life would be "smooth" which would make my diet "easier" to follow. Then all of a sudden shit would hit the fan, I'd be thrown way off my diet and the process will start again. Sound familiar?

The issue with the wagon is that you're essentially saying "I'm good when I eat ex. a salad" and "I'm bad when I eat a burger." These statements put food into "good" and "bad" categories. Understand that food is food, your body needs food to survive and IT'S OK to eat burgers sometimes! Also these statements label YOU as "inferior" and "superior," which is down right wrong because, YOU ARE NOT INFERIOR TO ANYONE! People who choose to eat what the society deems as "clean" (aka broccoli and chicken with a side of kombucha all day lol) are NOT any better of a human than people who choose not to eat clean (aka fries and burgers with a pop). GOT IT?.....GOOD!

This only way to burn and bury this wagon is to redirect your brain from thinking, "In order to be healthy, fit and lose weight I CAN'T have  x,y and z !!" Into "In order to be healthy, fit and lose weight I CAN have x,y,z."  You'd be surprised how giving yourself permission to eat without guilt will allow you to accomplish. You will no longer "fall off the wagon" because there isn't a wagon to fall off of.

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