A Healthier, Stronger You!

The unique body positive, online group strength training program is designed to help you make amazing improvements to your physical and mental health.



  • Help you ditch diet culture, so you can stop letting your weight control the way you live your life!

  • Teach you how to use intuitive eating and gentle nutrition, so you can find food freedom and learn to trust your body!

  • Teach you how to LIFT! (aka) strength train, so you can gain confidence, which will help you improve your relationship with your body!

  • Provide you with a size inclusive, safe space where you can reach your goals free from diet culture, make friends and have a lot of fun!

  • Help you incorporate fitness and nutrition into your life in a way that's joyful & sustainable!



  • My tested and proven Anti-Diet Nutrition Matrix Program - Learn how to become an intuitive eater and work on your body image, so you can let go of food fears, stop yo-yo dieting, get strong and feel powerful

  • 3 QUICK 45 MINUTE, full body strength training workouts per week - These workouts are designed to help you build muscle & self confidence, improve your stamina & increase your flexibility. Every workout is modified to suit your individual fitness level. No matter what you'll be able to finish the workout and feel a sense of accomplishment! If you're working out at home, you will learn how to use kettlebells, dumbbells & your own body weight. If you're working out in the gym. You will learn how to use larger pieces of equipment like barbells, cables and machines.

  • Accountability & Support -  It's not easy getting started on your own. I mean that's kinda why you're here right? You will receive 24/7 support from me & your fellow strong squad members, so you can smash your goals and stay consistent!

  • Specialist trainings - Living a healthy lifestyle isn't only about fitness and nutrition. Every month there will be special trainings on topics like; how to help relieve anxiety and stress. How to have a better relationship with your spose. How to overcome body image issues. How to be more productive etc. This program was built to help you excel in all aspects of life, so you can live the life you've always dreamed of.

  • Money Back Guarantee - I believe in my program so much that I'm 100% sure it will work for you. However, if at any point during the program you feel that it's not a good fit. As long as you tried by participated in all training sessions per week, come to the group coaching calls and completed your weekly tasks. I'll give you 100% of your investment back.

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  • Being STRONGER not only physically but mentally!

  • Feeling great in everything you wear!

  • Having more than enough ENERGY to keep up with life.

  • Increased self CONFIDENCE within yourself and in the bedroom!

  • Having a great relationship with food and your body. 

  • No more binge eating!

  • LESS aches & pains (knees, lower back, shoulders etc.)



  • Women who are ready to invest in themselves and change their life.

  • Women who are coachable. 

  • Women who want to stop yo-yo dieting. 

  • Women who can commit to exercising 3x/week. 

  • Women who have equipment or who are willing to buy some or get a gym membership.



  • Women who aren't ready to invest in themselves.

  • Women who are looking for a quick fix program. 

  • Women who aren't team players.

  • Women who constantly making excuses and aren't willing to make themselves a priority


"I've seen a huge difference in myself not only physically but I'm finally able to stick to a program because I'm actually getting results."

Darcy S.



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